Active Shooter / Active Threat Training Kit

Just like fire drills, people need to be trained on what to do in the event of an active shooter. This is the only DVD based training that truly is comprehensive.

The core of the kit obviously is the DVD. Entitled “Your Choice…Dead or Alive” the footage is gripping and realistic. After that, this is professionally narrated by one of the nation’s leading experts in Active Shooter/Active Threat and Counter Terrorism. Step by step, he walks through the scenario, evaluating what the actors did right, and what they did wrong. It even covers the basics of self-defense in a business environment. The second part is a HR guide to handle some of the liability and facility considerations among others. The third part features “Possible Options” for you to consider. All told, nearly 50 minutes long.

The rest of the Kit includes an ample supply of study booklets (with Active Shooter Quiz), thought producing posters for the workspace, Safety Jackpot cards to encourage compliance and a Training Binder to help you present in the best possible manner and more. With this complete kit, we guarantee a memorable and valuable training for you and your employees.

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Item #95520 $430.52