Barracuda Intruder Defense System

Nothing fishy here. Door defense at its best. And simple.

Three different models available to fortify and securely lock virtually any door out there. Outward opening, inward opening and a scissors-action opening.

Neat thing is, these are all very simple to deploy (in literally seconds) and they are practically BOMB-PROOF! The big bad wolf can huff and puff all he wants…he isn’t going to get past the Barracuda. (And when the all-clear sounds, they are easy to de-deploy as well.)

All models are made from heavy-duty steel, yet are lightweight and freestanding, meaning they can be moved with ease. Ready to use, no maintenance or modification needed for almost every door made. Much cheaper than installing new locksets.

#95500LPD Outward Opening – With a closed door, set the steel bar across the door opening. Place the “fork” over the door handle. Spin it down to tighten. Your door will now be able to withstand a hurricane and any Big Bad Wolf.

#95501LPD Inward Opening – Simply set the unit on the ground in front of the closed door. Slip the flaps under the door as far as they will go, then slide the flaps out. Put in the retaining pins for total security. Listen to hear the Big Bad Wolf huff and puff. He’ll get frustrated real soon.

#95502 Scissors-Style – Grasping by the red handle, slide the retainer over the “scissors” on a closed door. It keeps the scissors closed, leaving the people inside safe and the door impenetrable. (Depending on how tall you are or the height of your door, a chair or step-stool may help.)

Item #95500LPD Outward Opening $145.66
Item #95501LPD Inward Opening $145.66
Item #95502 Scissors-Style $80.92