Finger-Lock Biometric Safe

Question. Assuming you don’t want to be a sitting duck, how do you (and only you) have instant access to your stash of self-defense items?

If put in a real life threatening situation, a safe with a key, padlock or access code won’t cut it. Can you imagine trying to dial in a combination to a padlock in a stressful situation? Hiding places such as a drawer or purse are worse. Too many things could go wrong.

Any self-defense item in the wrong hands (especially children) is always a bad thing. Simply put, any weapon…self-defense, nonlethal, etc., needs to be safely and positively secured only for you and a select few if you so choose.

Quality Fingerprint Biometrics is the answer.

Easy to program your fingerprint, opening the safe is a breeze.

Simply swipe your fingerprint, and instantly the safe opens…only for you. Each time, every time consistently. (You may enroll (or delete) other authorized people in the system as well if you wish.)

With the Finger-Lock Safe, you are getting the same tested, encrypted and proven algorithms and software that are sold daily to law enforcement, military and the FBI. Great thing is we’ve dumbed it down to where the whole unit operates on just 4AA batteries! (Beware of cheap non-tested imitations!)

Heavy duty steel construction, compact safe will accommodate up to over 7” X 7” at 2 ½” deep. Comes complete with mounting hardware for mounting to a desk, wall, etc. Also includes a tamper resistant steel lanyard for optional mounting.

Item #95503 $188.82