You have never seen a lockdown device like this. Ever.

Announcing the SlickMatTM…simple, easy and effective as bug spray at a picnic. No holes to drill. No expensive locks to replace. No hardware whatsoever.

We decided to look at the active shooter from a different angle…from the ground floor angle. All of us need our balance to perform even the simplest of tasks. The SlickMat takes that away instantly. We defy anyone, no matter how strong or big…to defy the laws of physics and beat the SlickMat. Ranked #1 as the fastest deployment time and least expensive solution on the market. Teacher, clergy and law enforcement approved. And it’s GUARANTEED.

So simple, the average 10-year-old can easily prepare and install the SlickMat. (Degree of difficulty is a 1 out of 10.)

Plus, it doubles as a feel-good motivational poster as well!

Got your interest?

Item #95526 SlickMat (single) $39.87
Item #95526 SlickMat (10+) $28.50 each
Item #95526 SlickMat (25+) $25.50 each