Self Defense Training …

No, we don’t mean hand-to-hand combat either.

Self Defense is 75% mindset. And if seriously put in that situation, you need to act almost instinctively.

We are probably just like you…that’s why you don’t want to get your self-defense training directly from us per se.

You want training from actual law enforcement, tactical officers. Through our years in law enforcement we have assembled a list of trainers who are active or retired who know their stuff. These guys (and gals) come unconditionally guaranteed as we have known some of them for 30+ years.

Not necessarily the big, muscle-bound “Rambo” guys without a brain…but compassionate, caring officers who can help you through the process. They like you, don’t want you to feel like a sitting duck.

For as low as $800 for a 4 hour course, they will customize a program that is informative and effective (even for those who haven’t quite grasped the need for self-defense tactics). They are well versed in all of the products here as well as many others. (And please, don’t think about messing with them…one is an accomplished Black Belt in Karate among other things.)

Give us a call to discuss your situation. We’ll put you in contact with an officer that can help…and affordably.


Jeff Cheek, Mike McCutcheon (pictured left) and Todd Thorne (pictured right) are a few trainers available.
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